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Old fucker 3 years ago
I've fucked a few grannies in their 70s or 80s. Mostly they were very willing and fuckable. Those that took out their dentures to suck my penis were very enjoyable! A toothless mouth feels a lot like a cunt. Also a big cock down grannies throat stops her talking for a while!
Joe 3 years ago
Nice..very nice. But Why did he pull out?
vare 3 years ago
a real pitty not to cum inside a hole like that !
Mark 3 years ago
I want to be in a relationship wth her n have that hole body to myself
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Fuck her dude.....
I want to do this gal doggie style and see those titties swing.....
Fuck sex 3 years ago
What oba
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Love nasty big Saggy tits and stomachs old grannies getting cock!!
Big tits 1 month ago
Hope I’m still being fcked at her age ! Love her tits I’d love to suck on them nipples and lick that old cunt out after
Young boy 1 year ago
I have a 72 year old that loves my cock reminds me of this
Tommy 3 years ago
What a shot made me almost cum